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Video Of This Dude Escaping The Gatlinburg Fires Is Absolutely Insane

Until five minutes ago I had zero idea where the fuck Gatlinburg was. Using the context clues provided in the video my best guess would have been a stone’s throw from Dante’s fifth circle of hell, but I guess the actual answer is Tennessee. Wherever it is, safe to say it’s a fucking terrifying place at the moment. I haven’t had anxiety like I experienced watching that video since the last time I checked my bank statement (yesterday morning). And you know what? This may not be the popular thing to say but I got really concerned about the end result of this video when I started to hear Red (I think that was her name?) panting in the background. Yeah, I wanted everyone to get home safe and all that good stuff but when I heard Red overheating and that her eyes were burning then I started to really freak the fuck out. Since the video is uploaded I’m assuming everyone got out safely but if they didn’t then please don’t tell me. Hope every other animal (and person) in Gatlinburg is lucky enough to do the same.