A Chubby Kid In His Underwear Unleashed The Most Entertaining Video You Will See Today

via reddit

I hope you can excuse the potentially very creepy headline for this blog. But when I woke up this morning, I didn’t think a fat kid in his underwear would singlehandedly bring back the water bottle challenge and the dab. But here we are. The word electric gets thrown around on this site a lot. But is there really any other word to describe that 8 seconds of raw, unfiltered entertainment? Pure joy and bliss with the showmanship only seen by the greats. The most casual, backwards bottle flip the world has ever seen with a sliding dab that even the Russian judge would have given a 10. We’ve lost a lot of entertainers in 2016. Arnold Palmer. Kimbo Slice. Hans Gruber. But this video is a reminder that the world’s next great performer could be in what appears to be some third world country that just got the internet, the water bottle challenge, and the dab.

And if this video is old, I blame the people of the internet for letting a gem like this go unseen by someone who spends WAY too much time of his time on Twitter.