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Is Decorating Dog Poop With Signs The Most Peaceful Way To Protest?

Screen Shot 2016-11-29 at 8.18.29 AM

Titled Pieces of Trump, Miami-based artist Allan Adler takes photographs of President-elect Donald Trump along with print-outs of quotes he is known to have said, and attaches them to piles of dog poop.

“It’s definitely not fine art,” he said, in an interview with Miami New Times. “I don’t think it’s public art, and I have a hard time calling it ‘art.’ But it is making an artistic statement.”

Whether you like Trump or hate him, this is a dynamic way to protest. You’re just steady minding your own damn business and printing out little signs, taping said signs to a toothpick, and then putting the sign into some dog poop. It’s the perfect protest.

Your mom making ham like a poor for Thanksgiving? Print a little sign that says “Fuck Ham,” place it gently in the dog poop, take a picture and put it on her facebook wall. She will be devastated, but you’ll be eating tenderloin like the gods intended.

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Your wife wants to go to the craft store on Saturday? Make some Hobby Lobby signs and stick them in the dog poop in the yard. She’ll get the point. Although you’ll probably need to go to Hobby Lobby to get the supplies for the signs. So, go this time and then next time you’ll be ready for the perfect protest.

I gotta agree with the artist. It’s definitely not fine art; it is a necessary and perfect art.