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This Ohio State Unicycle Riding Bro Could Not Have Been Less Phased By The Campus Lockdown

If there’s one thing that we can smile about from the situation at Ohio State this morning, it’s this bro not giving a single fuck about the dangers of a campus lockdown and just unicycling his hippie ass straight through the police tape. Gonna take a lot more than an active attack to keep him off that unicycle that’s for damn sure.

The most recent details had none dead from the attack, nine people injured and only one critically. Only person killed was the crazy asshole who rammed a bunch of people with his car then attacked them with a butcher knife. Fuck that guy. Considering all the rumors and reports that were flying this morning in the media scramble that’s about as good as an outcome as we could have had. Hoping that everyone pulls through ok and that we don’t have to blog any more of these stories for a longggg long time.