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Crazy Bitch Goes Nuts Yelling At Michaels Employees Saying They Discriminated Against Her Because She Voted Trump

Whole thing is wild but it’s 10 minutes long so here are the highlights:

1:40 mark — confronts camerawoman, yells at a baby

2:15 mark — says camerawoman’s husband is cheating on her

6:45 mark — yells at employees about politics

7:40 mark — yells at camerawoman again

8:00 mark — chirps employee about her father dying

“Your child is stealing!” hahahaha. Child is literally in a baby stroller. It’s 2-years-old. Two. Look we all get flustered and rattled navigating our way through places like Michaels around Thanksgiving. It stinks. You start pushing innocent people. You start thinking the store and its employees are against you. I get that. We all get that. We’ve all been there.

But this is different. This chick is batshit crazy. Accusing a baby of stealing? Yelling at a random woman that her husband is cheating on her? Screaming at store employees that they wouldn’t ring you up because they’re liberals? Even if that were true you’re not helping your case by standing in the middle of the store screaming curse words at everything that moves in a busy store during the holidays. There are children present. Sad!

Succeeding in these places is identical to conquering public transportation — keep your head down, take care of your business, get the fuck out of there as quickly and unceremoniously as possible. She did not do that.

PS — Of course there’s a GoFundMe for the employee that’s already over $5,000.

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