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I'm Gonna Need The Name Of This Little Minx Who Was At A Cavs Game With Jason Dufner

Daddy Duf! Getting back out there! Getting back out there with a vengeance. Sometimes I just stare off into space and worry about Duf ever since his divorce from Amanda. They were golf’s favorite couple until she stomped on his heart and took their dog Louie. That shit ain’t right. Bad things shouldn’t happen to good people. By all accounts Duf is the nicest dude on the planet. Daddy Duf deserves love just like the rest of us. Or he deserves whatever’s going on between him and that lovely lady at the Cavs game. Maybe it’s just a fling. Who knows. I’ve never seen her before. While we’re on the topic, I’m gonna need her name ASAP. Stoolies are the best and brightest at tracking down hot women on the internet. I don’t recognize her. She’s gotta be out there somewhere. I need a name.