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Darrelle Revis Blames His Teammates and Coaches for His Awful Play


NY Daily News - What could quite possibly be Darrelle Revis’ $17 million farewell tour with the Jets added another rough chapter in Sunday’s 22-17 loss to the Patriots at MetLife Stadium.

Revis surrendered two touchdowns in the loss, including the game-winner in the form of an 8-yard touchdown pass caught by Malcolm Mitchell inside the two-minute warning. …

“Zero coverage. We had to protect inside, there’s no middle safety in the field,” Revis said, describing the play. “Protecting inside and they ran out routes.” …

Revis blamed the touchdown on the scheme, the Patriots running the exact play to beat it, and the pass rush failing to reach Brady.

“That’s the weak spot in the defense is the out routes,” Revis said. “I could have played outside technique but I’m leaving the middle of the field open. Definitely on that play the rush is supposed to get there.”

There’s an old expression that has been attributed to everyone from Genghis Kahn to Francis Ford Coppola that has so often guided me through my life that it will probably be my first tattoo. I might make a sleeve out of it, or have it go across my back like a Bible verse or on my neck to show the world it’s my core philosophy. And it goes “It is not enough to succeed. Others must also fail.”

And those words have never been more appropriate than they are right now. Because not enough failure can come Darrelle Revis’ and the Jets’ way to satisfy me. Not only did the Patriots win Revis a ring … and if you think he won them one, explain how Revis managed to let the official rub him off Doug Baldwin in the end zone of the Super Bowl:

… to make it 24-14, Seattle. And how it took an undrafted rookie free agent out of West Alabama to save Revis’ “First Ballot Hall of Fame” bacon.

But this is even about that. It’s about how Revis and the Jets collaborated to take him from the Pats while he was still under contract. That’s fact, not opinion. The Jets tampered. Their Lucky Sperm owner apologized. Even the NFL, which has no stomach for protecting the Patriots from any unfair treatment, found them guilty. Granted, the league didn’t make the Jets give the Pats a draft pick like they’d done in other cases and only fined them $100,000, which is what Woody Johnson made from selling baby powder in the time it took him to write the check. But it’s established the league has one set of rules for the Patriots and another for the other 31 teams, so you just have to check yourself.

No, in this case, stealing Revis from the Patriots is its own punishment. He’s not only a liability in coverage and wouldn’t tackle a ballcarrier to stop him from running over a basket of puppies, he’s now blaming his teammates and his coaches’ play calls for his own failings. The Jets are horse thieves who had the nag die on them the second they hit the outskirts of town. Except this horse will cost the robbers $39 million at least.

Once again, all the Belichick haters and media dinks who ridiculed Sheriff Belichick for letting them get away are the ones who were wrong. And it is glorious. If I’d known he’d be this bad, I’d have wanted Mr. Kraft to pay him to go to New York.