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5,000 Dead Fish Frozen Into A Japanese Ice Rink

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the Guardian – An amusement park in Japan has been forced to close its skating rink after a torrent of online criticism over its centrepiece: thousands of fish frozen into the ice. Space World in the city of Kitakyushu, south-west Japan, bowed to pressure to close the facility on Sunday after an online campaign denouncing the piscine graveyard as “cruel”, “immoral” and “weird”. The rink, which was supposed to have stayed open until the spring, featured about 5,000 dead sprats, mackerel and other fish that had been bought from a local market embedded in the ice, some with their mouths still open in apparent suspended animation, according to local media reports. The fish were also used to spell out “hello” under the ice and to form an arrow showing skaters which direction to follow. The facility’s website had touted the Ice Aquarium as an opportunity for visitors to “glide across the sea” in what it called the first attraction of its kind in the world. A spokesperson told the Asahi Shimbun that the park was considering holding a memorial service for the fish next year, adding that the fish were already dead when they were bought from a local wholesaler.

Fucking hilarious. Gotta love Japan. Buncha kids skating over dead sting ways and fish and shit like its completely normal. “Well, they were dead anyway so we decided to just ice it over. Turn it into a dead fish ice rink.” Ok, Japan! You wacky motherfuckers! Their blatant disregard for all things normal is nothing short of spectacular. Like yea sure there are cultural differences and “normal” is ordinarily a relative term. But there are somethings that are universally normal and not normal – and having 5,000 dead fish sealed off into an ice rink just aint fucking normal. I will be honest though, its actually kinda cool. Kinda spices up Couples Skating a little bit when you’re skating over a dead stingray.

And now to come back over the top and do even more Japanese things, the aquarium is gonna have a fucking memorial service for the dead fish. A goddam funeral for a bunch of dead fish they froze into an ice rink. Dont you people eat dogs for dinner?

Just further proof that all Asians are extraterrestrials living amongst us. I dont necessarily believe that all 1 billion Asians came here on a bunch of spaceships or something. But I do believe that aliens came here and did some sort of genetic mutation. Altered human DNA. Mated with some humans and created some sort of hyrbid human/alien and the result of this experiment was Asians. Its the only logical explanation for this sort of behavior.