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Trump Says He Won The Popular Vote If You Don't Count All The Illegal Votes Hillary Got

The Donald’s having a big weekend on twitter. He’s finally fed up with all this popular vote nonsense so he just comes out and says he did win the popular vote (if you don’t count a couple million votes). Classic Donald. What is this illegal votes situation? Well some dude tweeted out that 3 million undocumented immigrants voted and a bunch of websites ran with that claim, but there’s no credible evidence of this. BNN is not confirming the authenticity of this report.

Hillary’s campaign made an interesting move over the weekend. They announced they’re participating in the push for a recount in Wisconsin. This all derives from some computer ninjas who claim they found irregularities in the voting results specifically in places that used electronic voting. Hillary was getting less than she “should.” Despite having zero evidence of hacking or foul play or whatever you want to call it, they pled for Hillary to fight for a recount. Now her campaign, along with Green Party candidate Jill Stein, are officially pursuing that.

Donald hammered Hillary over it.

And he also fired off a few tweets that were clearly sourced from my blog on the Electoral College.

And he took a nice little swing at both the Green Party and the Democrats.

Big weekend for the President-Elect’s twitter game. Oh, and he had by far my favorite Castro tweet. Just perfect.