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The Weekend Greenie Bag - Team Tommy Vs Team Scal Who Ya Got?


Welcome back to your favorite Saturday tradition! This week’s Greenie Bag had a shit ton of submissions so since it’s Thanksgiving week, allow me to say how thankful I truly am to everyone who wrote in. It’s your commitment to making this the hottest franchise on the internet that helps block out the H8ers. If you want to be part of the fun it could not be easier, just tweet me something with #GreenieBag or email

There’s no chance we get to them all without this being 10,000 words but fear not, if I didn’t get to your question you can almost guarantee I’ll get to it next week. No more bullshit, let’s get started

Little Guy, at times it feels like this will never happen. Marcus Smart likes taking bad threes more than any player I have ever seen. The good news, in my opinion there are things the Celtics can do to limit this, and I think you are starting to see it. First, more often than not, these bad threes come as a result of Smart getting the ball in the last 6 or so seconds of a possession where he is forced to jack it up. He probably shoots -42% when this happens. So that would be my first rule when Marcus is on the floor. He’s not allowed to touch the ball from deep if the shot clock is under 10 seconds.

Second, and more practical, is something I wrote about this morning. The best way to prevent Marcus from shooting, is to give him a different role. Enter Marcus The Creator. Notice how late in games Brad is having Marcus run the point and be a facilitator and Isaiah is playing more and more off the ball? This way it’s now Isaiah getting those end of shot clock shots, which I think we all would prefer.

Also I am not above starting a GoFundMe where we all give a little something for every game he doesn’t take a bad three. Maybe we give it to charity or something, but if he catches wind of that no chance he keeps on doing it.

T1mothy while this isn’t a terrible choice, I would prefer to go in a different direction. This team has enough three point shooting. For me, it would be for Amir Johnson to fix his rebounding problem. By far the biggest need on this team, at this point in time his total rebounding% is 10.5. That is the lowest of his career, and so low that when you woke up this morning you had the same rebounding percentage.

John it certainly is an interesting case. The Mavs are cooked, Bogut is most likely 100% available and he provides a skill that the Celtics desperately need. His contract is something thatprobably perks Danny’s ears, and really it’s just a matter of what Dallas would want. Does Amir + a 2019 MEM pick get it done? The money matches and while there is a definite injury risk with Bogut, I say you take the flier.

The only thing is players like Amir give you a little bit more flexibility when teams go small against you, because to me he moves a little better than Bogut.


Hey Greenie,

Big win tonight, great to see Big Al and Crowder return tonight. True grind it out win on the road in a back to back.

My question is who would you rather? Scal or Heinson. Don’t get me wrong I love both of them but I almost lean towards Scal. I love his commentary and insight during the games.

Just wanted to get your opinion on it.

Go C’s and enjoy the Pats ass whooping of San Fran tomorrow with Walter

-Best Celtics Stoolie

Celtics Stoolie I’m with you, I’m a big Scal guy. I think he’ll be the guy to slide into Tommy’s role when he finally makes his way up to heaven. Having said that, you cannot grow up when I did and not be all in on Tommy. His outrageousness and homerish is the foundation of my Celtics fandom, and even though Scal is way more informed and actually knows what he’s talking about, the heart wants what the heart wants. Team Tommy 4 Life


Hey Greenie, love everything you do for the Celtics here at Barstool and especially the GreenieBag! I saw a report this week about how the 76ers want to give up Noel instead of Okafor. Who do you think the Celtics can give up in a reasonable trade? And how much better would Noel help our rebounding issue? Thanks!

- Ryan

Ryan, first of all I appreciate the kind words and as always thank you for reading. Personally I’ve always preferred Noel over Okafor because I think his style of play not only fits the NBA better, but the Celtics as well. My guess is the only reason this trade hasn’t happened yet is because PHI prob wants more than Ainge is willing to give. PHI has too many bigs, which hurts their leverage, but the Celtics desperately need rebounding which hurts theirs. I’m not really sure what PHI really needs aside from PG help, but I’m not sure Rozier or something gets that done. Maybe you throw in Smart instead, but I think that’s tough for Danny to do because of how big of a role Smart plays, and perhaps he would rather include Smart in a deal that’s for a better player.

In terms of how much Noel would help rebounding, this is easy. A lot. His total rebounding percentage is around 15% which is much, much better than what Amir is currently giving us. The main issue also is how much does Danny want to give up for a player who again is fighting to stay healthy. When he plays he’s effective, but he hasn’t played 1 minute yet this year, so that scares me.

Michael, to quote the infamous Larry David, prettayyyyy pretttayyy pretttaaaayyyy good

Screen Shot 2016-11-26 at 10.59.25 AM


Hello my friend.

I tried to ask Zach Lowe this question on twitter, but got no love. So I realized that instead of getting new friends, I should just stay with my trustworthy ones. Why is it so hard to determine the players height? I heard Kevin Arnovitz talk about Blake Griffin being 6’7, 6’8, 6’9. I hear that quite often about players. How hard can it be?

Your friend from Sweden,  @therealfreddiek

Oh shit look at the Greenie Bag being all international and shit! Between Freddiek and my other Swedish friend Jonas, I think I need to go to Sweden for some #content. Now to answer your question, I think this is just semantics Freddiek. I know there are some guys that are particular about their heights in the team’s program so they don’t get labeled into a certain position. Either that or it’s just something they do when talking about a certain player. I say let it slide.

We now shift gears to this week’s Greenie Awards


This weeks MVP: Al Horford

See, this isn’t just an Isaiah love fest. Horford earned this spot this week with three great performances. He averaged 16/7 while shooting 49.6%, included two games where he made multiple threes. What a way to come back from his concussion.

Play of the week: Marcus Smart

No look passes so hot right now, no look passes


This week’s LVP: Amir Johnson

Back to back weeks for the Big Dog. Not great.

This week’s Most Improved Player: Jonas Jerebko

The Swedish Larry Bird missed just two shots all week (9-11) which included a 3-4 showing from deep

And that will do it for this week, have a fantastic weekend everybody!