There's Nothing That Cools You Down Like Sticking Your Vagina In The Neighborhood Fountain

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LAUDERHILL, Fla. – A naked woman was on a lake’s fountain on Thanksgiving Day morning at the center of a residential complex in Lauderhill.

It took a couple of Lauderhill Fire Rescue divers to remove the woman from the fountain. They also got her out of the lake at the Waterford Park complex safely.

Authorities believe she was under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

Being in the kitchen on holidays can make you hot as fuck. I was cooking yesterday and sweating my dick off. Fans didn’t work. Windows were open. I was in a world of hurt. Who knows how hot is was yesterday in Lauderhill, Florida. You can bet that it wasn’t cold enough to make cooling your coochie unnecessary. That’s for sure.

I don’t blame this woman for cooling off in the fountain. It was a smart move. If your groin is hot, you’re hot. If your groin is cool, you’ll cool. Sticking your pussy in the fountain will lower your body temperature lickety-split. Anything you gotta do to get through the holidays, do it. Ice down your giblets anyway you can, at least until hater cops tell you to stop.