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Zach LaVine Casually Did A 360 Dunk From The Free Throw Line

Jesus Christ, that’s some real life NBA Jam shit right there. The world needs a rematch of LaVine vs. Gordon at the Slam Dunk Contest this year so badly. Forget about LeBron vs. Steph or any other “rivalry”. LaVine vs. Gordon is where it’s at. They should have a trilogy like Ali/Frazier, with Larry Nance Jr. playing the role of up and coming youngster like George Foreman. I am a million times more excited to see what crazy shit goes down at the dunk contest than the All-Star Game. But I think we can all agree that the stories that come out of NBA All-Star Weekend being in New Orleans the same weekend as Mardi Gras will top anything we see on TV. Shit’s gonna be nuts.

And now LaVine/Gordon I takes you into Thanksgiving weekend.