This Pre-Thanksgiving Los Angeles Traffic Jam Looks Like Hell On Earth

Bruh WHAT? I’m sorry but no family gathering is special enough to sit in that kind of traffic. Certainly not a holiday like Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is fine and all but it’s really just a bump in the road before Christmas. People will get mad at that but the truth often hurts. Christmas is the best holiday running and if you don’t agree then you were raised like shit. Still, I wouldn’t sit in that traffic for Christmas either. I’d rather miss my Mom’s funeral than have to sit in a traffic jam like that for more than 35 seconds. How does it even get that bad? How bad are people at planning their holiday travel that they get caught in a situation like that? Maybe it’s cause I’m from a place where traffic is almost never a problem but I would have ZERO patience for traffic. I’d rather abandon my car and go to the nearest bar. Shoutout to whoever runs the ABC7 Twitter account for twisting the knife with that #MannequinChallenge joke. Good work all around.