Guy Dropped An N-Bomb On CNN Yesterday And It Did Not Go Well

Eeeeeek. So the context is this guy Kaiser is explaining all that’s wrong with Trump and the people he’s chosen, especially Steve Bannon who many believe to be racist and homophobic and anti-semitic and etc etc. So he says that Bannon has used the n-word, except just says the n-word.

Just dropping the n-word on live TV is shocking. Don’t care who you are. Don’t care how you’re doing it. It also turns out that Bannon didn’t use the n-word — Kaiser was mixing up Bannon and Jeff Sessions, who’s been accused of doing so.

Hearing an academic/mainstream media contributor drop an n-bomb is so goddam cringeworthy. Brooke Baldwin, who’s always seemed like a pretty cool chick, was NOT happy. She literally cried.

Maybe a little overboard to cry but to each their own.

I get the argument that he’s just repeating or quoting what others have said, but you just can’t say the n-word. Everybody knows that. You can’t say it. It will just ALWAYS get you in trouble. If you’re a white dude, no matter what the context, no matter what the situation, no matter what point you’re trying to get across, no matter how preemptively you declare you’re against the n-word, you can’t actually say the n-word. Ever.**

Kaiser guy’s supposed to be a professional. Has to know that. Be better.

**One exception is Louis C.K.’s bit on how other people saying “n-word” just makes you internally say the n-word.