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Grading the Newest Sex Scandal Teacher

LouisianaThe $7,500 bond has been set for a Port Barre High School teacher has been arrested for allegedly being sexual involved with three of her students.

The head girls basketball coach and P.E. teacher of Port Barre High school, 29-year-old Nicole Aymond, was arrested on Nov. 9 following an investigation after police received information from a parent that she was sexually involved with some of her students.

Police were able to obtain text messages of nude photos that were sent to two students from Aymond. Aymond admitted to police that she had sex with two students and engaged in sexual conduct with a third student.

In 1864, President Lincoln issued a proclamation which said in part, “The year that is drawing towards its close, has been filled with the blessings of fruitful fields and healthful skies. … It has seemed to me fit and proper that they should be solemnly, reverently and gratefully acknowledged as with one heart and one voice by the whole American People.” And in doing so, he set aside the last Thursday of ever November as a day of Thanksgiving for all our blessings. So I think it’s only fitting that, as yet another year of strife and division in our great nation, we express our gratitude that America still bestows upon us the bounty that is deranged, insatiable, nympho Sex Scandal Teachers like Nicole Aymond.

The Grades:
I have to admit that “Pink is the New Black” mugshot with the Hamburglar pants helps disprove one of my core beliefs, The Jerry Glasses Theorem, which states there’s not a woman in the world who doesn’t look better with glasses than without. I mean geez, Nicole, would a smile kill you? That said, the bottom two photos get this grade way up. She’s your classic suburban MILF. Keeping it together way too well to have to settle for Mom Jeans. All into day drinking boxed wine, listening to Kenny Chesney and binge watching the “Gilmore Girls” reboot. Only with a taste for the kinds of guys Rory used to date. Grade: B+

Moral Compass/Bad Judgment: What can you say? Nicole checks practically every box. Multiple students. Nude photos so we’ve got the hard evidence (no pun intended, but I won’t disown it). And an admission under oath, which always gets you points. I guess my only issue is what happened to that third kid? He had to settle for what? A handjibber or something? Was he playing the long con with her, not realizing how fast she gave it up to his two classmates? It’s a tough break when you get something off a hot teacher like Ms. Aymond and still come out looking like a loser. Grade: A-

Intangibles: It has nothing to do with the story, but I love that the reporter on this case is Toi Thornton. I wonder if we’re related. Grade: B

Overall: A-. Happy Thanksgiving, Nicole.

Do you have someone you want to see graded? Tweet her to me @jerrythornton1 with #SexScandalTeacher. And be sure to include photos and a link or it’s of no use. Your service to the betterment of mankind will be its own reward.