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Bernie Sanders Was Nervous To Meet Killer Mike Cause He Thought It Meant He Had Killed Someone

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SPIN- Post-Trump, Bernie Sanders’ failed presidential bid has been one of the many What could’ve been thoughts in the liberal stage of mourning. In a new interview with GQ, the Vermont senator spoke candidly in breaking down the election. When asked if there was any silver lining in Donald Trump’s win, Sanders plainly said, “No, I would not say that there’s any silver lining in Trump’s victory.” But at the end of the piece, he provided a little lightness by recalling the time Killer Mike became a visible campaign surrogate during the primaries. As Bernie puts it, he was happy to find out that regardless of Mike’s name, the rapper had not actually caught a body.


Classic old people mistake right here. Bernie Sanders may be an intellectual Jewish guy from New York City but he’s still just an old person at the end of the day. An old person who hears that a rapper’s name is Killer Mike and instantly assumes that he has killed a person. Tell any person over the age of 55 that there’s a rapper named Killer Mike and they will instantly assume that he’s murdered someone in cold blood. Old people are so stupid. By the way, do you guys remember the reality show Rob & Big? The MTV show that followed around Rob Dyrdek and Big Black? I hope you do because it was awesome. Why can’t Bernie Sanders and Killer Mike re-boot that show and be the next Rob & Big? Neither of them are all that busy. Bernie is trying to save some sort of pipeline and I don’t know what Killer Mike is up to. I say drop everything and make a reality show where they just hang out, do odd jobs and smoke weed. I’d watch that show and so would you.