Gucci Mane Proposed To His Girlfriend On The Kiss Cam At The Hawks Game

Its Gucci Mane La Flare! What a big BIG night for Gucci. Not only did he pop the question but before that he give a fan a goddam ROLEX

Imagine that shit? You go to a game and play a silly jumbotron quiz and you win a motherfucking Rolex for it???? Usually you pick which helmet has the peanut under it or which plane is gonna win the race and you win dinner for 2 at the restaurant inside the arena or something like that. Gucci Mane gives you a fucking Submariner. Legend.

Anyway, everyone knows its trash to propose at a sporting event UNLESS you’re Gucci Mane. If you or I propose on an Atlanta Hawks Kiss Cam thats the most pathetic attempt at romance ever. But Gucci Mane does it and its straight up pimpery. You cant even really call that a proposal. He just stands up and flashes a TWENTY FIVE KARAT diamond ring like he’s passing the TV remote. He just holds it out there like like “Here. Take this.” and its 25 fucking karats.


Bottom line is being an Atlanta Hawks fan is one of the most bleak, depressing, boring existences in all of sports, and pretty much the only thing they got going for them is Gucci Mane treating the arena like its his goddam playground. Shout to Gucci – one of the best mascots in all of sports.