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Watch Jeopardy Contestant Alec Get His Heart Ripped Out When He Realizes He Lost The Teen Tournament By $1

*Doing Math*

*Wait… Did I win?!?*


*My life is over*

I’m not sure if it’s because I am jealous that these Jeopardy kids know more trivia than me this early in their lives or because working at Barstool has corrupted my soul to Blue Screen of Death level, but I can watch that all day. Alec can tell you all about the Mayflower Compact and that the Spanish Armada sailed in 1588. But he couldn’t do the basic math that let him know that he came up exactly $1 short of his goal. Like it was some coincidence that Sharath ended his bet with $1. Now granted, Alec was probably hoping by some chance the Jeopardy gods had smiled upon him and he snuck out a win. But instead he was dealt pure devastation. Trust me, I’ve seen that look before.


And the worst part of all this has to be that Sharath had that little fucking grin on his name board the whole time.


And then broke it out on his face as Alec’s heart ripped into a million tiny little fibers.

Even cornball Michael got a good laugh in at Alec’s expense. God I fucking love Teen Jeopardy. Raw emotion and questions I always usually sometimes know the answer to.