Ladies And Gentlemen, The Las Vegas Golden Knights Era Has Officially Begun

After a few technical difficulties during the reveal… (and the team’s official website being launched before the team name was announced)

it’s finally here



It feels like it’s been years since it was announced that Las Vegas would become the NHL’s 31st franchise. That was back in June and since then, we’ve still been waiting on a name. We’ve known since August that it was most likely going to be the Something Knights, but now it’s here and it’s real. The Las Vegas Golden Knights. Now I’ll be honest… it’s not perfect. The organization didn’t want the name to be anything too closely related to gambling even though the team is centered in the gambling capital of the world. If you had to go with anything “Knights”, I think the Suge Knights would have been your best bet. And personally, I still think the Flamingos was my favorite option and I love that name so much that I’d even be willing to switch my allegiance to the Vegas team.


Tell me you wouldn’t buy that jersey.

But regardless, the team finally feels more real now that it actually has a name. Now the two most important things left for the Golden Knights is to 1) draft their team. I put together my dream Vegas squad back in June that you can read up on right here. Spoiler Alert: Bryz is the goalie…. And 2) keeping the NFL out of Vegas. At least for the first few years. I’m not an idiot. I know that hockey is the least popular of the 4 major sports. If the Raiders move to Vegas then that will completely kill all the the hype surrounding this team. There’s still no way of knowing if a professional sports team can work in Vegas, but it’ll be a helluva lot easier for an NFL team to draw a crowd than an NHL team. So as long as the Golden Knights have Vegas to themselves for a few years, they’ll be able to build a following without cucked by that sexual beast Mark Davis.


P.S. – this is how I know Vegas is ready for hockey. Booing Bettman is a rite of passage.