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This Genius 4-Year-Old Knows More About The Brain Than I Do About Anything

INSIDE EDITION – A medical school student didn’t know she would be getting a biology lesson from a 4-year-old on a trip to the grocery store. Morehouse Med student, Parnia Salehi says she stopped to talk to little Anson Wong and his dad after the boy commented on the school shirt she was wearing. He asked her what kind of doctor she wanted to be and that sparked a conversation worth recording. Salehi was impressed by his wealth of knowledge about the body and all of its systems.

Anson Wong? More like Answer Right, amiright? Probably not, because I’m already self-conscious about that stupid joke, thanks to how slow this kid made me feel. All these parents have to do is stay out of the way and let this kid rise to the top. Give him a regular childhood and let his genius brain do the rest of the work then, boom, they’re on easy street by the time he’s curing cancer in middle school. Their main concern should be that he becomes too self-aware or societally-conscious and realizes that money is just a human-made system to establish value and order in the world. The last thing they need is him realizing the importance of the greater good and moving to Mozambique to treat malaria for 20 meticais a day. After all, whats the point of having smart kids if you can’t flip ‘em for a fortune.

And how about the med student stopping in the grocery store to film the kid. Uhh Parnia, don’t you think he’s a little too young for you? Seems like you’re taking robbing the cradle to a far too literal place. He knows a little too much about the medulla, if you know what I mean. She’s asking him about the brain like she wants to give him some, if you know what I mean. And to be perfectly clear, I mean underaged genius sex. Now let’s get Thornton on the case.