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Great News - The Ice Rink At The Denver Airport Opens On Friday And You Can Bring You Skates In Your Carry On Bag

Pretty sweet, huh?

I’ve always wondered why airports don’t have yoga studios, gyms, and other shit like that for business people with layovers who would for sure pay out of their asses for access. And then things like skating rinks for families who are stuck in airports for 10 hours. No brainers. Pretty cool that if you have a layover in Denver, you can hop onto the rink and get your skate on. Pop off some triple axels, maybe couple skate to 98 Degrees if you’re with your boo, just good ol’ fashioned 8th grade at the ice rink shenanigans.

And here’s the even better news, TSA allows skates in your carry on

Screen Shot 2016-11-22 at 1.35.24 PM

Love it. So classic TSA I can’t get enough. Don’t you fucking DARE try to bring 6 ounce of water onto a plane (unless of course it’s in two separate 3 ounce containers), but hockey skates, good to go.

Don’t you DARE bring a nerf gun onto a plane, but those ultra sharp blades, well right this way sir, why didn’t you say all you had were skates sharp enough to cut an artery?

TSA, the joke that will never get old.