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Colin Jost Had The Audacity To Poke Fun At The Fact That Tinder Has THIRTY SEVEN Gender Options Now

This is one that’s got people in a tizzy today. I don’t know why, seeing as I’m quite certain it happened on Saturday (that’s when SNL airs, for those who don’t have a TV Guide handy), but you’ve got your usual Twitter warriors and Deadspin, still trying to find its fucking reason for continuing to exist, coming out to attack Jost for this horribly offensive joke. Really, guys? For really really? This is the big problem?

Now I’m no Colin Jost defender, I don’t really know him from a cardboard cutout of a white person. The joke itself? It’s really not that great either. But if you can’t see the humor in Tinder having THIRTY FUCKING SEVEN gender profiles then you have really gotta lighten up. I could name likeeeeeee maybe four genders before I just started making shit up and inquisitively staring at you to see if you were gonna allow that answer. If I were to apply to college nowadays I’m not sure I’d even get past the first page because I don’t know what I am. I think I’m a white, straight, cisgneder but I’m not positive. In fact, as I write this I’ve just had a revelation and realized the whole world has been flipped on us and I think queer people (I’m not sure if that’s the proper terminology but I’m rolling with it) are just fucking with us cis now. They grew up confused and frightened and now it’s our turn to feel that. I have no idea what I am and I’m scared to use the wrong word to describe myself or other people because I’ll get yelled at. I’m a six year old transvestite now.

That whole thing kinda got away from me but the point of this blog, aside from the fact that I’ve uncovered your trick, trannies, is that this joke really isn’t bad and thirty seven genders is too many genders.