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Hero Kid Saves His Baby Brother From Falling Off The Changing Table

BAL HARBOUR, Fla., Nov. 16 (UPI) — A Florida family’s security camera captured the moment a 9-year-old boy made a spectacular catch to save his 11-month-old brother from hitting the floor. A security camera inside the Bal Harbour home was rolling last month when Tila Levi placed her 11-month-old son on the changing table and turned her back to talk to her other children.


Hero ball! Do you remember what you were doing when you were 9 years old? I sure as hell don’t. I’m pretty sure I was just a round ball of flesh that did nothing but eat Cheetos and be an all-around nuisance to anyone who tried to interrupt my Cheeto eating. I sure as hell wasn’t catching babies Willie Mays-style before their heads plunked onto hardwood floor. What that video really taught me is that having kids is impossible. You look away for one millisecond and they’re trying to kill themselves unintentionally. They’re just rolling around on this mysterious planet hoping they don’t roll off the changing table and do irreversible damage to themselves. It’s wild. How did any of us survive being babies? Also, that older brother will always have the upper hand on his younger brother even more so now. Like when the younger brother wants the last piece of pizza the older brother can be like, “Hey remember that time I saved you from getting CTE when you were a baby?” and boom, that piece of pizza is his. Forever.