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This Western Roadtrip Might Be The Islanders Final Glimmer Of Hope

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In a world where Michael Grabner is casually sharing the league lead in goals with Sydney Crosby and the only All-Star mention the Islanders have received is by means of trolling JF Berube into the ASG à la John Scott, it’s safe to say this season hasn’t produced too many positive narratives.

Currently sitting comfortably at 5-8-4, good enough to tie for last in the NHL, the Islanders are looking for any and all signs of hope as they are now just days away from Thanksgiving with a quarter of the season behind them.

As one of IslesTwitter’s last guiding lights of positivity [and Lil Yachty] I’ve scoured the internet for hours upon hours in search of the one thing that can salvage a start so bad the even Nets feel sorry; and it came by means of a note at the end of Arthur Staple’s article detailing Andrew Ladd’s current situation with the team.

In 2014-15, the Isles stumbled into San Jose at 6-4-0, losers of two straight. They dropped a 3-1 decision to the Sharks, then headed to southern California for three days off.

During that stretch, Snow had the team’s strength coach, Derrek Douglas, organize a beach workout at 8 a.m. following a day (and night) off. The players were incredulous but participated; they beat the Ducks in overtime and the Kings in a shootout, starting a 13-2-0 run that sent the Isles on their way.

Last season, they arrived in San Jose at 7-5-3, 1-3-2 in their last six after a good start to the season. They beat the Sharks and Ducks sandwiched around a loss to the Kings, the start of an 11-3-2 stretch that, again, put the Isles safely into playoff contention.

These g-d Western Roadtrips man. They’re like roids to this team. One 4 day cycle out West and the next thing you know they’re pulling cars and going on 10 game runs. Now I don’t want to call out my own team here, no narcs in my circle, but if I was Gary Bettman I’d be paying close attention to what my man double-D has these guys taking when they’re out in California. But whatever it is, order up a double shot for this week and let’s get this season going.

With the Islanders set to kick off a four day span in which they play Anaheim tonight, Los Angeles on Wednesday, spend Thanksgiving as a team Thursday, and cap the trip off in San Jose on Friday; the first real roadtrip of the year offers this fresh-faced club the perfect opportunity to come together, figure things out, and make up for ground lost.

Now get DMX in the building & me a couple of tickets behind the bench and let’s turn this ship around for good.