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Gregg Popovich Ripped The Spurs To Shreds After They Beat The Mavs Last Night

Nothing better than a Pop Bomb directed at his own team. You think he cares that LaMarcus Aldridge and Tony Parker were given the night off yet his team still won? Fuck no. Pop loves this kind of shit. The angrier he is, the stronger he becomes, like the Incredible Hulk or Nick Saban. Everybody likes having a boss that is a nice guy. But everyone works harder and is on high alert when the boss is pissed. Heads are on swivels and work is getting done. Right out of the Scrooge McDuck playbook.

And if Pop came back into the room and said “Gotcha bitches”, it would have been an all-time moment. But in typical Pop fashion, he just pulled down his pants and unloaded more shit on the Spurs while trying to save face with a Mavs franchise that he just said was worse than a team that basically didn’t try. What a gem.