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Couple Of Bozos Find Out The Hard Way Why You Should Never Chirp A Guy In The Penalty Box


Not quite sure how much beers cost at a game in Germany but for the sake of argument let’s just imagine it’s pretty similar to grabbing a cold one here in the US of A. Gotta be pretty dang demoralizing to not only being wearing a scarf to the game, to not only have spirit fingers being your only plan of attack toward an opponent, but then to have that $9 Beck’s spilled all over you for your antics. A tough break indeed. But before any of you jabronis out there start thinking to yourselves, “man, hockey players are assholes”… let me just stop you right there and tell you that you’ve never been more wrong in your life. This guy saw that those fans were HEAVILY intoxicated. And he feared for their own safety that they’d be getting behind the wheel of a car after the game. So what does he do? He takes matter into his own hands and stops their alcohol consumption right then and there. Really this guy is a hero and the fans should be thanking their lucky German stars that he didn’t decide to go all Tie Domi on their ass.