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Knicks Superfan "The Loopy Blogger" Was At It Again, Screaming At Melo Haters And Repping The Knicks

*NSFW language*

Now that was fun! Granted I am one of those people that loses his mind with #Me7o, but if you can’t appreciate that kind of fire, you don’t have a pulse. That reaction is exactly how every Knicks fan feels after a win. Hyped through the roof and ready to fight the entire world. Who gives a shit if we lay an egg in the next game? The Knicks are like a drug. The highs are so short but so high, but the lows are sooooo low and you always think you hit rock bottom, only to find out that there is somehow a lower low. I don’t know if it’s from years of being a laughingstock or just because Knicks season starts as it gets cold and everyone is getting angry. But that video captured the essence of a Knicks fan after a victory. It checked all the boxes on the New York rant list.

1. Irrational screaming ?
2. Cursing ?
3. Saying “Fuck (insert a different city’s musician, signature food, or landmark) ?
4. Listing famous New York rappers ?
5. Quoting a song from one of said New York rappers ?

Plus bonus points for mentioning Yankees hats and Timbs. Now if you will excuse me, I have to go look for my father (still not sure what that means to be honest).

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