Alec Baldwin Went On A Big Time Rant After Trump Complained About SNL Being Too One-Sided

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AOL – President-elect Donald Trump has taken to Twitter again this weekend to dress down another actor: Alec Baldwin.

Baldwin did his famous Trump impersonation on the long-running NBC show on Saturday in a sketch that focused on how Trump is in way over his head as the future leader of the free world.

This isn’t the first time Trump has criticized the Baldwin, whose impression of the future president gained prominence during the election.

Here’s the rest of Alec Baldwin’s tweet binge:

So on the one hand I’m going to say Alec Baldwin is right about the complaints of “fairness”…Trump won the election and after all the hemming and hawing about how things are rigged, he’s got to adjust and realize it’s up to him to take all the barbs on the chin if he’s going to be the dude driving the most powerful country in the world for the next four years. I understand wanting to galvanize the base and get people on your side but fixating on Hamilton actors and SNL skits is the dumbest thing imaginable for where things need to be to move forward. A wolf doesn’t concern himself with the opinions of the sheep.

That said, fuck Alec Baldwin for being one of the incredibly liberal dudes who for months who shit on Trump at every turn, treated him and the views of a significant portion of America as a joke, and now has the nerve to act like because he won, Trump has to somehow forget every bit of that bullshit along the way. I fully think Trump needs to toughen his skin up when it comes to things like SNL bashing him but I get where he’s coming from; people are putting him in this no-win situation where they treated him like shit before the election, now he’s won and they’re still pushing their agendas aggressively when all he probably wants to do is move on and focus on CEOing America great again. Compare how “hard” SNL teed off on Hillary after the election to the skit above on Trump, it’s two wildly different approaches. All of this whining, all the “Not my President” temper tantrums around the country…it just normalizes the same divisiveness where one side isn’t allowed to have an opinion but the other more media-embraced side gets to take shots and push an agenda freely. At a certain point you’ve got to make the best of the America you have and I’m with Trump that it would be nice to see that so we can all move forward and stop bitching.