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Netflix Announces That 3 Dave Chappelle Comedy Specials Are On The Way

Love it. The world needs more Dave Chappelle. His SNL hosting was great but it wasn’t near enough. The world has needed more Dave Chappelle ever since he freaked out and hopped on that plane to South Africa all those years ago. The world needs Dave Chappelle more now than its ever needed him. Whatever your feelings are towards the pending Donald Trump presidency, you can bet your ass that it’s gonna inspire some of the best stand up comedy we’ve seen in years. Nobody answers the call in crazy times better than stand up comedians. And who better to lead that revolution than the one and only Chappelle? If you haven’t watched his “Killin’ Them Softly” and “For What It’s Worth” specials, first of all, fuck you for being such an idiot. And second, that’s homework for you now. Watch those two specials and realize why he’s one of the best to ever do it. I’m sure people would like to see another iteration of Chappelle’s Show to come back and who knows. Maybe that’ll happen down the line. But I’ll take Dave Chappelle where I can get him and I’m beyond pumped for him to bring the heat in these specials.