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McDonald's Rolling Out Table-Side Service At All Of Their U.S. Restaurants Is A TERRIBLE Idea


AOL- McDonald’s announced on Thursday that the fast-food giant plans to roll out table service at all locations across the US. The fast-food giant has begun the process of implementing table service across all 14,000 American locations. With the new system, customers can place orders using a digital kiosk or at the counter, and then choose to either pick up their food to-go or have meals served to them at tables.

“For the best part of our 16 years, we’ve asked customers to work around our business model,” CEO Steve Easterbrook said in a media event on Thursday. “But now, customers are more demanding, and we’re looking to evolve our business.” Currently, McDonald’s offers table service in more than 500 US locations in New York City, Florida, and Southern California. The company is rolling out table service in Washington DC, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, and Seattle in early 2017. Beyond that, McDonald’s does not have a set timeline for the roll out, though McDonald’s incoming US president Chris Kempczinski said the chain plans to move as “quickly as possible” after collecting data from test markets.

Yo Fat Ron, stay in your lane homeboy. If I wanted actual table service and fancy burger displays with fries in a metal basket, I would go to a real restaurant that makes real food. I go to McDonald’s when I am in a rush or I want to make myself feel better before the food ends up making me feel much much worse. The less human contact the better. Now I get that having a machine take your order cuts down on the face time you have with actual people and I appreciate that. But the action of having another person bringing your food to the table is just way too much for me. It’s the reason I always do self checkout at the grocery store and the reason there is always a gaggle of people eating their drive-thru Mickey D’s in their cars in the parking lot (these are the saddest people on the planet, by the way). I feel like we had an unwritten agreement with McDonald’s. We let them continue to cook tasty but unhealthy food that bends the definition of the word food as much as possible while they let us pick up our food at the counter, let us smile and nod at the cashier to feel good about ourselves before wallowing in our own personal halo of misery. Lets not reinvent the wheel here, people.