Two Idiots Find Out The Hard Way That This Irish Bouncer Is Not To Be Fucked With

How about this pre-fight move? How the bouncer just didn’t turn around and sprint away out of fear, I’ll never know.


That’s just intimidation, pure and simple. Wins most of his fights before they even begin with a move like that. Unfortunately he just happened to pick on the WRONG Irish bouncer on this day.

“Game over”

Not quite, but I love the quote.

Kind of disappointing that THIS was the big KO punch though. Like you seriously took that first punch to the face, bounced back, then THIS is the one that got you?

Screen Shot 2016-11-21 at 11.53.51 AM

Only thing I can think of is that you were a real life video game character whose Health bar dropped all the way into the red on the first punch. Staggered back over but first contact and it’s an instant Fatality. Only explanation for you being face down on the bricks right there.