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I Am Beyond Proud Of Smitty For Coming To Work Today Despite Being On The Verge Of Death

Screen Shot 2016-11-21 at 11.20.03 AM

Did Smitty make up having a 104 degree fever so he would have an excuse not to do work? Yes, probably. But on the off-chance he really did catch Caleb’s disease which now has infected Louis, Big Cat, Brett, Clem, Intern Ria, and someone on the smart side of the office I don’t know his name though, I have to commend young Adam for picking himself up by his boot straps and coming into the office. Is he putting us all in danger by being here? 10000% yes. But that’s sort of my fault, isn’t it? If not for me lighting a fire under his ass 6 months ago, he would have sat today and the next 2 weeks out. But I motivated him more than anyone has ever motivated anyone. He does like 8 podcasts on the Smitty Radio Network, is always coming up with C+ video ideas, and now is showing up to work in Asian SARS masks out of pure fear of being labeled lazy. You can call me many things (short, balding, gremlin, kinda-downsy, etc etc) but you can’t say I don’t bring out the best in Adam Smitherson III. Rain, sleet, snow, or AIDS, his ass is at work. I’m beyond proud.

PS: He should definitely be at home, who the fuck comes to work when they are that sick? Think about someone besides yourself one time for me, Jesus Christ.