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Marcus Stroman Is On Mike Stud's New Song

I was late to the Mike Stud party, even though I should’ve been ahead of the curve because he’s a Stoolie from Rhode Island. My problem is that I have zero sense of what’s cool and what’s not. Nobody has less of a sense of what’s “in” than me. I literally send pictures of shoes (that somebody else picked out for me) to KFC for approval before I buy them so that I don’t look like an asshole. That’s why it’s a miracle that I even knew who Mike Stud was before he did a song with one of my favorite pitchers.

I actually discovered Mike Stud when he was exchanging diss tracks with Hoodie Allen, and ended up coming out of that feud liking Mike Stud better. As far as this song goes, your boy Marcus Stroman ain’t bad. He had a line in there about pitching in front of 50,000 fans, so that’s how we know this track was recorded some time after August of last year. And if you’re wondering how the rapper from Rhode Island linked up with a pitcher from the Toronto Blue Jays, they were actually teammates on the Duke baseball team.

Stud actually had a pretty awesome freshman year, and then it was all downhill from there. I’m sure everybody can relate to that. The reason for that was actually because he got Tommy John surgery, and that’s how the whole music thing started while he was rehabbing his elbow.

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By the way, Stroman was featured in the video for These Days that came out last winter, too:

But we all know that Mike Stud’s greatest contribution to modern music is Rise Pageviews Rise, and it’s not even close.