This Pretty Sexy Lady Asked Her Dog A Stupid Question And The Video Is Perfect

I’m not going to lie to you, this is a classic “long weekend, let’s ease into this lazy holiday week on a Monday” kind of blog but it’s so perfect. Dogs doing doing dog things and subtly tearing at the confidence of some hot chick who probably gets way too many unwarranted non-physical compliments as is. And really that’s what you’ve got to love about a dog. They don’t like you, they bark at you or try to hump your leg to somehow put you in your place. They want to eat, they put their head in a bowl adorably and sadly like a scene out of a Sarah McLachlan ASPCA commercial. And if you’re a chick with more tits than brains who speaks in baby talk and got a pair of dime store glasses to replace years of book learning and intellectual curiosity, a dog will vomit right on the floor to let you know the score. Dogs. Is there anything they can’t do?

^one thing dogs can’t do: Conjure Captain Planet. I’ll keep trying though, that’s what Wheeler would do.