Snoop Dogg's Reaction To Kanye's Rant From Saturday Night Was Fantastic

Kanye rant for reference

God damn Snoop Dogg is a national treasure. Sure he has been almost like a walking parody of himself for like a decade by smoking his brains out. But he is still hilarious. Clearly Snoop is on the long list of people that can’t appreciate Kanye’s artistic process and genius. Pissing your fans off is probably the first thing they teach you in Art School and Genius School. Snoop clearly doesn’t get it though, because the face he makes in this video is the face of someone that just saw a magician pull a quarter out of his ear for the first time.


Hilarious. Snoop is definitely one of those guys that should have a live stream of reactions all the time. You are getting authentic reactions 100% of the time uncut to the cut. And shout out to Sacramento for not taking that nonsense sitting down. I wasn’t sure if they had any fight left in them after helplessly watching the Kings fuck shit up for so long since the C-Webb Era ended. But they let Kanye know this aggression will not stand. I hope the dude that hit Kevin Johnson in the face with the cream pie strikes again by doing the same to Kanye. Most underrated story of 2016.

P.S. Can you imagine how many times Jay-Z has gotten a text that said something along the lines of “What the hell is the deal with your boy Kanye?” from an older rapper like Snoop over the years? I bet he just gave them the ol’ Jay-Z laugh with a shoulder shrug and say “That’s Kanye”. Now he’s probably so happy he no longer has to defend that goddamn asshole.