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Crowd At Kanye Show Chants "Fuck You Kanye" After He Showed Up Late, Sang 2 Songs, Ranted, And Then Left


I can’t eye roll at these fans any harder without popping my eyeballs through the back of my head. They clearly don’t respect the artistic process. Kanye is a genius while they are all just peasants in Sacramento. Don’t they realize that artists like Van Gogh and Picasso would literally pull their pants down and shit on people that attended their art shows? Respect the artistic process for me one time, Sactown! It took me a while to realize that I was the idiot for liking Kanye’s earlier music a million times more and being annoyed by this new Kanye. So happy I see the light now.


P.S. I actually sneakily love this Kanye. I hope he continues to do shit like this at every show while Kanye Stans in their $1,000 bum clothes continue to get slapped in the face by his dick at his concerts. While everyone loves the anti-hero in today’s America, Kanye is staying ahead of the curve by becoming the anti-anti hero. Genius as fuck.