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A Weird, Amazing Stand Up Set From Carter Deems To Usher You Into The Weekend

I think it would be cool if I could introduce you to some other personalities from the battle rap world that I find to be hilarious or talented, and this dude Carter Deems is one of the brightest stars. A wickedly original, brilliant writer with a ridiculous character and amazing delivery. I also think it would be cool if we could feature a stand up a week or something, so if you or one of your friends have a routine you think the stoolies or I would enjoy, kick it over to me on twitter @_rone.

If you could make it through Carter’s brilliantly placed awkwardness and want some more of him, you should definitely watch his battles. He does a genius job of undercutting the seriousness of two grown men yelling insults at each other, as most of his raps are about cats, microwaves and fax machines.