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The Most Australian Motorcycle Accident Of All Time Results In Some Injured Nuts

“My fackin’ nuts!” Looks like an injury down under. The only way this crash could have been more Australian is if a wallaby jumped out of a kangaroo pouch and kicked him into the car. Such perfectly well placed cursing. The Australian usage of the word “cunt” is some of the most poetic cursing in all of language. They’ve taken America’s most hated word and turned in into a benign interjection. Absolutely beautiful.

As far as crashes though, that was pretty tame. Just a little thud on both sides and a nut injury. On the grand scheme of motorcycle crashes, no one got thrown into a body-spinning orbit, or rattled to the point of questioning going a hundred miles an hour on the outside of a vehicle. Hey pal, you know they made indoor cars with roofs and shit so you don’t have to ride on the outside of of your primitive two wheeler like a goddamned neanderthal. Motorcyclists have always proven to be a level headed and rational bunch of good decision makers.

And now, 2 minutes of people falling off motorcycles.