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COUNTERPOINT: You Absolutely Cant Wear A Belt To Allow Other People To Chest Press You


Good look for the big fella. He’s benching some full grown dudes. Monster of a man.

TERRIBLE look for the guys getting benched pressed over and over. I mean, you’re already kinda working out with the biggest dude in the gym. You can’t allow him to make you look tiny for the rest of your life by throwing you around like a cool-down set. Guy on the right looks like kind of a runt but the dude on the left looks decently in shape. He bodied himself by agreeing to this video. I’m not one to say that you have to project a “manly” image, whatever that means, but come on. I cant get bench pressed by the Beast for all of Insta to see, ESPECIALLY not when he’s using an outrageous 60 percent incline on the bench. No, thank you.