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Karl-Anthony Towns Took A Shit Down Joel Embiid's Throat Last Night

If you think that I’m in the Jojo, Jojo, Jojo and Joe business just to report puff pieces and happy news, you are dead wrong. When one of my guys or gals goes through a rough period, we are going to be right there with heavy doses of tough love and reality. Karl-Anthony Towns set up shop with his feet on Joel Embiid’s shoulders, he lowered is ass right over Joel Embiid’s mouth and he dropped a steamy, double-tapered log down Joel Embiid’s throat.

Treated Joel Embiid’s mouth like George Brett did his pants (excuse to post classic video):

This dunk is just proof that The Process is still a work in progress, and he’s not going to be perfect every minute of every game. Embiid still managed a double-double, but he will still run into some tests throughout his rookie season. And for the record, I would still rather have Embiid and Simmons than Towns and Wiggins.

It also looks like Jojo is trying to take the Shirley Temple game legit.