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Iggy Azalea Was Named GQ Australia's Woman Of The Year (Lol) But The Wet T-Shirt Pics That Came With The Crown Aren't Bad

I like Iggy Azalea. Not for her music or talents or anything but because the internet was really mean to her considering that she still has a giant ass and a pretty decent body. Don’t care if it’s plastic, don’t care if that body only spits out the most mediocre bubble gum rap imaginable, I just think she’s got something there physically that balances it all out. And I’m glad that GQ Australia agrees with me. It’s about as backwards in a perfectly Australia way that they somehow thought the year of 2016 where she was the least relevant, got divorced, and had no hits was the year she deserved the honor of Woman of the Year in a world where Margot Robbie is also Australian and exists…but fuck it, Iggy Azalea, see through nips, #spagspromise. Not mad at their bad decision making skills getting me through a lazy Friday blog day one bit.

The music is still Screen Shot 2016-11-18 at 12.23.16 PMtho