I Feel Sad That Blockhead Smitty Apparently Thinks He "Punk'd" Me

So I was running around the streets of Boston today trying to expand our empire and I guess Smitty had some big reveal that he punk’d me during Barstool Idol. The long and short of it is that he hired an actor to read a script of ideas he’s done in the past and see if I’d like them and act like they were all new ideas? I think that was the gist of it?

Well first things first. I literally said during my response that I think most of the ideas the actor gave us had already been done so I’m pretty sure that blows up his entire premise. But more importantly the only reason I wanted that kid back was to see if he could dodge a punch from a professional fighter. Blockhead Smitty doesn’t seem to comprehend the difference between him trying to land a punch on an MMA guy and a MMA guy trying to punch a blogger. Kind of a big difference. It doesn’t take a huge brain to figure that out. Basically any brain functioning at a basic human species level should be able to see the difference. So again I really don’t know how he punk’d me?

Also that Drunk Wonderlic test idea that Smitty seems so proud of? Well for those who are fans of the Dave Portnoy and Rone show you know we had a caller who called with a list of ideas and told me to hang up when I was bored. Well I hung instantly because his first idea was a drunk concept. I think verbatim this is what I said….”Doing stunts and putting drunk in front of it shows ZERO creativity and is what brain dead people who can’t think of really creative ideas think of” Then no less than 24 hours later apparently Smitty is bragging he came up with the drunk Wonderlic idea? Bravo Smitty. Bravo.

Regardless the point remains we’re looking for personalities. Guys or girls who can be stars. Having good ideas is certainly important, but its more about presence and delivering great content from those ideas. So if Smitty was trying to say he has had a bunch of good ideas but all the content he created from them was forgettable then bravo again? Looks like Ole Pres got punked?