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Everyone Is Now Trying To Make The Vince McMahon/Conor McGregor Walk A "Thing"

Everyone wants everything to be a “thing” now. Nothing can just be funny on it’s own. The Internet has to get his clammy hands on everything and try to get RTs out of it before it’s completely ruined by Ellen The Generous 3 weeks later. So we have time, but not much, to enjoy the walk created by the man himself, Vince McMahon.


Then Conor McGregor made it his own.

Then Marc Gasol did a pretty good rendition.

Kiko Alonzo half-assed it

And Shaq did one really well

Not to be outdone, Tex had a go at it. Said he had to win an athletic competition before doing it, so he beat me in arm wrestling to get himself fired up

C- effort from Tex.