In The Past 367 Days Kris Bryant Has Won Rookie Of The Year, World Series, And MVP

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Here’s another one for you.

Just crazy crazy stuff. Near unanimous MVP, 24 years old and the sky is the limit. Postseason awards don’t have as much meaning this year, Thank God, but it’s still awesome to see Kris Bryant get the recognition he very much deserved. He’s the backbone to this whole thing. Without him the entire rebuild doesn’t work and the Cubs aren’t sitting where they are today. So congrats to Kris and thank you to the Houston Astros for taking Mark Appel. Love you guys for putting this whole thing together. Someday he’ll be the greatest answer to a trivia question of “who was drafted before one of the greatest baseball players of all time”.

Oh and happy people actually stressed out over the first 10 games of 2015, Kris Bryant is a Cub until at least 2021, feels great.