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Mitch Marner's Hands Are Ridiculous. Morgan Rielly's Brain? Not So Much

Oh, James Reimer. I’m so so so so sorry. That’s just not right. To show up to your old barn and get torched like that? Man. Nobody deserves that type of public emasculation. Especially not in a place you called ‘home’ for 6 years. Poor guy bit so hard on that backhand. Thought to himself, “okay yeah, here comes a 19-year-old pretty much giving Matheson a piggy back ride. No chance does that little twerp have the patience in him to pull this back to his foreha–aaaaaand I’m dead”. Reimer’s first start against his former team and it’s spoiled by some kid who probably never even watched Boy Meets World in his life. For shame.

Morgan Rielly isn’t that much older than these rookies the Maple Leafs are throwing out there this season but he’s already in his 4th year with the team. At 22-years-old, he’s one of the old guys on the bench. So let’s check in with him to hear his thoughts on how the New Kids On The Block have been playing…

And boom goes the dynamite.

I’ll tell you what. Besides the fact that nobody really gives a shit about my opinion and could care less about what I have to say, this is the exact reason why I couldn’t hop on a podcast. Because this is an all-time fear of mine. To be put on the spot and then your brain decides to go on Power Save mode and shut down. There’s nothing you can do about it. It’s debilitating really. I feel like people don’t take this issue seriously because it’s referred to as a “brain fart”. But we need to ditch that stigma because it’s an issue that affects 1 out of every 1 men in the world. Sometimes your brain don’t work no good and you end up looking like an idiot. It sucks but I think if we all start to embrace our “brain farts” and make a support group for those of us who are impacted by them, we’ll all be okay.