Isla Fisher Says That Wedding Crashers Two Is Happening LFGoooooooo

“Hollywood is all out of ideas,” “All they do nowadays is re-makes and sequels,” “A sequel is never good as the original,” guess what? DONNNNN’TTTTTTTTT CARRRRREEEEEEEE. I’m all in for a Wedding Crashers 2, all the way in. What’s that folk singing group form Salt Lake City been up to? They been touring the country and just having massive orgies with wedding parties? More likely, did Jeremy and Gloria have a bunch of crazy fucking kids while McAdams and Owen Wilson are getting ready for their first? Or I want to know.

While it gets a bit sappy at the end there, Wedding Crashers was a fucking all-time comedy. For people my age, it’s in the top 5 most quoted movies (Will Ferrell movies are the other 4) and it’s perfect Vince Vaughn. If they want to get back to that guy rather than the weird and awkwardly deep guy from True Detective then let’s fucking do it. Don’t care if it’ll probably not be awesome, I’ll see the shit out of this.