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This Angry Girl Smashing A Car For Some Reason Is A Fairly Hypnotic Video

Even though this would be the worst Street Fighter bonus round ever and I can certainly empathize with the horror that whatever (likely) dude caused her to go flying off the chain and how awful he must have felt finding out after the fact…there was something really enjoyable about that. Just watching her rhythmically destroy the car, systematically smashing and slashing the car all over the place until only tens of thousands of dollars and hours of dealing with insurance people would get the car back on track. But it’d never really be the same. You’d drive it knowing what it had been through, what you subjected the car to. The sacred bond between man and car can never be fully restored.

Also as I’ve established before in blogs: There’s something about a crazy chick going nuts that makes her slightly sexier than she might otherwise be. I don’t know what it is, you shouldn’t invite a crazy chick into your life the same way you shouldn’t invite a vampire into your home…but there’s something so seductive about the psycho siren song.