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Asher Roth Was At The Sixers Game Last Night Which Reminds Me... Remember Asher Roth?

I wish that somebody told me earlier that Asher Roth was going to be live in attendance at the Sixers game last night because I would have thrown my entire life savings (read: a few hundred dollars) on Philly. Obviously the 10 9 8 76ers were gonna get that dub even without Joel Embiid in the lineup. You don’t lose a game when Ash Roth–king of the blumpkins–is in the building. No disrespect to Rone or anything, but Asher Roth is the greatest whiteboy rapper to come out of the greater Philadelphia area. He was one of the XXL Freshman of the Year in 2009 with guys like Kid Cudi, Wale and B.o.B. (ever heard of ‘em?). A true pioneer in the Frat Rap scene who paved the way for some many others to come after him. I was just a wide-eyed bushy-tailed junior in high school when this timeless classic came out.

Put this song on around any 18-35 year old white male right now and they’ll be able to sing along word for word. And for a while, it was hit after hit after hit (I don’t know if they were actually hits but I did enjoy these tracks).

But he’s pretty much been M.I.A. for the past 3-4 years. Guy got way too into smoking weed and has been in Oregon doing random fans’ laundry. That’s not me trying to land a shitty joke. That’s what he’s actually doing. He’s about a 103 on the Hipster scale.


Weed. Not even once.

But he’s got some new music coming out and he’s making appearances at Sixers games which begs the question… is Asher Roth back? Well,, it hard to say. But it’s sure starting to look that way. And as a white boy myself who enjoys being able to listen to rap in the car without having to roll up my windows at red lights because it’s not music that belongs to me, I can’t WAIT for an Asher Roth comeback tour. Give it to me, Asher.

P.S. – get it, JoJo.