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The Guy Who Stole CJ Beathard's Helmet After The Michigan Win Has Broken His Silence

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Hawkeye Nation- Q: Where were you leading up to storming the field and how did you end up with C.J.’s helmet?
A: I was with one close friend in the student section. After C.J. scrambled for the first down, we knew we needed a Duncan chip shot and it would be time to rush the field. So, as time was winding down, we ran down as close to the field as we could and were standing in the aisle a few rows up as Duncan buried it. Once we got on the field, it was pure jubilation, screaming and running as fast as we could. I saw the helmet a few yards ahead of us and scooped it up without much thought. It was a helmet of a team I love more than almost anything in the world. Why wouldn’t I pick it up?

You can read the whole interview here at Hawkeye Nation and you should

Read the whole interview. It’s short and reads exactly like you hope it would. The dude had zero malicious intent. He just happened to come upon CJ Beathard’s helmet after a walk-off win against Michigan and took it for a joy ride. Him saying he instantly became the most popular dude at his tailgate spot is what I wanted to hear. The picture above is clearly some chick who was dying to put it on. Hard to imagine a better pick up line after that awesome game than, “Hey I’ll let you try on CJ Beathard’s helmet if you give me your number/come home with me tonight.” Maybe a little sex with the helmet on? Shoutout to the police office who seemed super cool about the whole thing while the kid was lying through his teeth about where he got it. I’m a little sad he didn’t get back to the bars so people could drink out of it. I’m a little grossed out that one dude tried on Beathard’s mouth guard. But hey, when you steal a guy’s helmet after beating undefeated Michigan there’s no telling what’s gonna happen.