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World's Biggest Bernie Sanders Fan Has To Get Donald Trump Tramp Stamp

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The Hill - A supporter of Sen. Bernie Sanders in Iowa now sports a “Trump stamp” on his lower back after losing a bet with a friend.

Zach Cobert promised to get a tattoo of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump if he won the election. On Tuesday, he fulfilled that promise, live-streaming the tattooing process on Facebook, garnering thousands of views.

“I’m thinking about my life, how it went wrong. Now I’m getting a Trump stamp,” Cobert said in the video. “The stupidest thing I’ve done for views.”

“I just wish I was getting a normal tattoo, something I wanted,” he said.

Cobert sat for several hours at the tattoo parlor and has to return to finish the tattoo, WQAD reported.

Poor fucking Zach. What a horrible time to be a Bernie fan. Guy comes along and ignites a political revolution in the hearts and minds of so many Americans then promptly gets stomped out by Crooked Hillary and the DNC’s shady tactics. Then she can’t even win an election that should have been a cakewalk for her and let’s a Bernie fan’s worst nightmare into the Oval Office. THEN guys like Zach had to pay up on their bets and get freakin Donald Trump tramp stamps. That big ass puckered up face permanently displayed right there for everyone to see on every beach trip. Certainly not Feeling The Bern at the moment that’s for sure, except for the literal one of the needle defacing his back with an asshole forever.

I do fucking love how the dude did it on Facebook Live though. Talk about a showman.

Taking notes from Barstool, that’s how you play the digital media game these days.

Also I can’t tell you how upset I was that this ended up some being some like semi-cool chill bro out in Iowa and not some safe space college dweeb.